Training and workshops

Based on our experience developing projects, our on-going training and participation in design, innovation and new trends seminars, conferences and fairs, we have developed a series of highly innovative programmes to address our clients’ needs.

Once a culture of innovation has successfully taken root, creativity flourishes as does a more positive attitude to change and to the swift resolution of unforeseen challenges.

We believe that on-going training is vital to the success of an organization. This is why we design custom-made courses to meet your company’s needs. We can teach you about the design process and creative methodologies, or show you how to foster a culture of innovation in the workplace.

We also run creative workshops where you can co-create with users and clients. These workshops encourage group work and empower people to become active participants in generating ideas and designing solutions for critical situations.

The Design discipline offers valid methodologies and tools with which to address different everyday challenges.

In addition, Maraka is involved in lecturing at university degree level. We lecture on the Bachelor’s degree courses in Industrial Design and on the Master’s degree course in Strategic Design of Products and Services at Mondragon University.


  • Take in an innovation culture in your organization
  • Achieve design skills
  • Take in people centered design view
  • Learn new methodologies to develop innovative ideas