Research project to detect the needs and interests of healthcare professionals, and co-ideation of innovative ways of using information technology to improve collaborative work and healthcare service


Bizkaia Mental Health Network, Osakidetza

Where                    Bilbao
When                     November 2015 – February 2016
Collaborators       No te Pierdas En las Redes

Key concepts



The Bizkaia Mental Health Network (BMHN) were keen to improve on their everyday use of IT with one sole objective: they wanted to provide their mental health patients with better customer service and care.

The use of Information Technology (IT) in society today is more widespread than ever. Most of the services and products we use can be accessed online, and the health service is no exception.

The objective of ThinkIT is two-fold: to identify the digital platform needs and wants of the health service workers on the one hand, and, on the other, to define and co-ideate future proposals with health service professionals from the Systems and Innovation department.

The Design Research created for this project was combined with ethnographic research tools (interviews and observations), desk research into trends and innovation, and the participation and involvement of BMHN professionals.


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Greater insight into the network ecosystem.

Greater involvement of healthcare professionals in promoting the use of IT.

Key players’ needs are identified.

Future projection of online healthcare in BMHN.

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