Research project to analyse, test and propose innovative means of social communication through the arts


An Ikertu grant from the Fábricas de Creacion funding programme

Where                 Bizkaia
When                  July – December 2014

Key concepts



The aim of the Hazi project was to analyse the impact of artistic endeavours on promoting responsible consumer behaviour.

The research behind the design involved exploratory field work (interviews, observation and safaris) and research into innovative practices in the creative and cultural sector, in social communication and in critical design.

Several leading stakeholders in the area took part in the project: town halls, farmers’ associations, restaurants, cultural associations, as well as other interested parties. This involvement made it possible to co-create innovative value propositions and try them out in a real setting.

Originally conceived as a research project, Hazi developed into an experiment which was developed in conjunction with Igitie Arratiako Baserritarren Elkartea (The Arratia Farmers’ Association) and Maskilu (a canning factory located in Zeberio, Bizkaia).

The change in direction in the project involved setting up an installation, calling on the participation of the users, encouraging the public to consider their current consumer behaviour, and bringing their attention to local production and consumption.

Hazi was the origin of a much bigger project called Arratiko Zentzunek. Arratiko Zentzunek is a social and creative laboratory where local produce and consumption is the focus of attention.
Arratiko Zentzunek


39 participants
11 experiences
1 co-creation workshop
1 designed and prototyped installation
100 infographics on local produce
1 website, designed and managed
1 new project in operation


The project helped them to begin using creativity and innovation in their work.

Local producers were showcased, impacting the local economy positively, and the self-employed in the primary sector in particular.

A more far-reaching project than originally planned was created, involving a broader range of local stakeholders: schools, town halls as well as participants from other sectors.

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