Bidegin Dima

Design research for the needs of unemployed young people


Dima Town Council

Where                 Dima, Bizkaia
When                  September 2014 – December 2014

Key concepts


Dima Town Council’s Department of Youth Services wanted to develop a project on youth employment. The Town Council had organized a job seekers’ course in 2013, but only 8 out of the 64 people registered as unemployed took part. Mindful of this, they decided to invest the budget this time in a project involving the co-design and implementation of innovative ways to generate employment for the young unemployed. In addition the development of the project itself will provide an opportunity for the participants to learn new skills.


5 proposed lines of work
3 established principles
10 in-depth interviews + 3 context-based interview = 6 persona and 17 concepts
12 inspiring experiences analysed
1 reflection open workshop


The Town Council now has a broader perspective than Lanbide.

It is now clear that the flow of communication between Lanbide and the Town Council is not good.

The daunting challenge of finding a place for the people in the town to meet with their town council representatives has been met.

The participants are willing and enthusiastic.

The town council has seen that, despite limited resources, it is possible to work in the field of employment.

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