Design of new empathy economy-based sales systems for creative and cultural sectors


An Ikertu grant from the Fábricas de Creacion funding programme

Where                 Bilbao
When                  July 2014 – March 2015

Key concepts


Adostu explores the empathy economy (what it is, how it started, where, how and why it is being applied, and results) and uses this information to design and implement new sales systems for cultural and creative sectors in the Basque Autonomous Community to gauge the level of interest and applicability.


1 guide (digital and print versions)
100 units of the print version distributed
45 contacts made with players who received the printed guide
111 estimated reads of the web guide
1 project web page
2 workshops for stakeholders in the cultural and creativity industry
1 Pinterest board


Players in the cultural and creative sectors get inspiration for marketing their products and services in new ways.

Awareness of the empathy economy is raised. The empathy economy is largely unknown, locally and nationally and internationally.

New ways of using empathy in the creative and cultural sectors are put forward.

Open source licensing and the transfer of knowledge is supported by registering the project under a creative commons license (cc).

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