Design research

Design Research is a strategic tool for connecting with your clients’ and users’ lives and experiences, and provides an invaluable source of inspiration for innovative solutions.

For our research, we combine desk research with field work (ethnographic research) and human involvement. Desk research provides objective information and quantitative data, while field work and human involvement give us contact with real clients, and provide us with complementary qualitative data.

We use sources such as the internet, published material, reports, videos, manuals, interviews, etc to carry out the formal part of our research.

Our field work involves spending a lot of time with the users. We actively listen to what they say and we observe how they behave. This close contact gives us insight into their habits, preferences, needs and concerns.

By involving people, we acquire a lot of information that help us understand the user so that his/her needs and desires can be met. This further enhances their loyalty and commitment to the services, products and businesses they use. To make sure participation is optimized, we tailor highly innovative programs to meet the specific requirements of each project.

As Service Design and Design Thinking tools, we use safaris, shadowing, interviews, immersion and observation techniques, trends, group workshops, mobile ethnography and other disruptive marketing research techniques.

At Maraka, we involve you in co-defining our research projects. Together, we decide on the tools for the project and the best format for the final deliverable (Customer Journey Maps, System Maps, Empathy Maps, Stakeholders Map, Personas, digital format, infographics, video documentaries, pitch presentations or others). This approach generates results which lead to successful innovation in your business.


  • Identify new clients
  • Detect new needs
  • Reveal opportunities
  • Inspires